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Simplicity at the core, user centered experience

Here at Kamue Soft we value simplicity a lot. By designing user centered experiences having simplicity at their core, we believe we're delivering the highest value and entertainment to our users. We also believe that simplicity does not mean less features, but that features should exist for a well defined purpose.

Our core beliefs consist of

Functional design

Simplicity, user centered design and features that have a real, valuable purpose.

Made with care

Careful coding to ensure our products deliver the highest value with the least usage of resources.

The journey

The exciting journey of developing great products.

Check our portfolio

  • Sudoku

    Experience the classic Sudoku game with unique aesthetics, brought by a clean, light and easy to use interface. This is a free Sudoku puzzle game, on a classic 9x9 board.


    Test your reflexes with this challenging free game! The mechanics are simple: tap the screen to launch the dart, pop the balloons, and maximize your combo count, but beware the forbidden balloon, just one hit and its game over!


    With My Fitness Journey, you can keep track of your weight, or any kind of measure you want to. We've kept in mind the convenience of our users, and thus My Fitness Journey allows you to set measurement units individually per measure.

  • Vacation

    A very simple, small and fast app to count the number of days until your next vacation in a straightforward way.


    This password manager is a very small, simple and easy to use App to manage and store your passwords. Designed with privacy concerns in mind, this app does not include any form of advertisements, analytics, anonymous behavioral data collecting, nor third party components.

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